Priority One Clearing Services is dedicated to the publishing industry whether it’s helping the publishers find their target market or helping the consumer better understand the correspondence they are receiving regarding a magazine subscription.  We want to make your subscription experience a positive one!  We know the process of receiving a subscription can be confusing so we have provided you with some answers to help with your questions.  If we haven’t answered your questions after reviewing this page, please contact us directly via Email, Online Chat, or Phone at (727) 443-2200.

Who is Priority One Clearing Services and why are you sending me magazines?

Priority One is a subscription clearinghouse for magazine publishers.  We work directly with the publishers and our partners to process magazine subscriptions for consumers throughout the US.  When we receive an order from a partner we transmit it to the publishers’ fulfillment centers.  Priority One’s name is attached to this order,  therefore when you inquire at the publishers’ fulfillment center about your order you are referred to us to answer any questions you may have.  If we cannot answer your questions we will route you to the partner that initiated the order.


How did you get my name? 

Priority One receives your name and address from our partners who have initiated the orders.  They provide us with your name/address and the magazine so we can process this data and send it to the publishers’ fulfillment centers.  We do not maintain a list, telemarket, bill, or send invoices directly to the consumer.


Can I Cancel my order?

Yes, of course you can cancel your order.  If you make contact with Priority One via Phone 727.443.2200 , Email or Online Chat we will gladly assist you in canceling your magazine subscription.  It is our goal to answer all your concerns regarding your subscription. If you are emailing, or reach us after hours, please let us know your name, full address including zip code, and the magazine you are inquiring about. 

Why did I receive something that looks like a bill?

Many times this is just a renewal notice.  This could be coming directly from the publisher or the partner.  If you prefer not to renew the magazine, simply discard the notice and the magazine will stop coming after the current subscription has expired.  If you would like to renew the subscription then complete the notice appropriately.  If you are still not certain about why you are receiving the subscription or need assistance with your correspondence, please contact us directly at , call us at 727.443.2200, or use the Online Chat and we will work with you and the partner to resolve your questions. If you are emailing, or reach us after hours, please let us know your name, full address including zip code, and the magazine you are inquiring about.


Please note we are here to assist you:

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